The Nintendo Switch Is the Second Best Selling console since 1995

With only a month and a half on the Switches belt, it seems that most people enjoy it. Well, be it with some technical difficulties, the National Purchase Diary (NPD) results of March are in. The Nintendo switch sold 906,000 units in March in the United States alone. Making it the fastest-selling console in Nintendo’s history.

Level: A Simple Puzzle Game Review

Simple puzzle games are getting more and more common nowadays. Classic games like “Unblock Me” and “Flow” keep me hunting for new and exciting puzzle games because by now those games set the standard for your average mobile puzzle game.


This is a piece I wrote for my 12th-grade English class, I had to choose a theme from the book of my choice, which is 1984, and write a theme statement about it, warning you while your ahead. This contains spoilers from the book 1984 and the video game Bioshock. you have been warned.

Do we have “heroes” today?

I believe everyone is looking for that person to fall on when things go sour. That person that will hold them up and protect them, a hero. But there are no heroes only people doing what they believe is right. When I image a hero I think of Marvels Spiderman or DCs Batman. You might... Continue Reading →

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