This is a piece I wrote for my 12th-grade English class, I had to choose a theme from the book of my choice, which is 1984, and write a theme statement about it, warning you while your ahead. This contains spoilers from the book 1984 and the video game Bioshock. you have been warned.

Do we have “heroes” today?

I believe everyone is looking for that person to fall on when things go sour. That person that will hold them up and protect them, a hero. But there are no heroes only people doing what they believe is right. When I image a hero I think of Marvels Spiderman or DCs Batman. You might... Continue Reading →


I remember the first time I watched the entire Star Wars movies. It was at the YMCA and I was a part of this awesome comic book club. There’s was about 10 or so in the group and I suck at drawing and don’t get me started on my handwriting. But I loved to draw and color, I always hated crayons, color pencils are the way to go. Okay, I love art got it, I digress.

A Poetry Slam about the Film Industry 

This is a Poetry Slam I made in the 11th grade for English class. A lot of people liked it so I decided to post it here. Up above is audio regarding of what it’s supposed to sound like. I hope you guys enjoy and laugh a bit.

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