Dylan Lepore – Student, Writer, and Journalist in Virginia

First and for most I’m a Gamer by nature and heart. I geek out about every little thing that comes up in the world of Videogames. I love writing opinion pieces because I feel like I have a lot to say and just writing it out opens the whole world to me. I never know if I’m going to offend someone or make someone’s day, but I’m always ready for their reaction.

“If nobody hates you, you’re doing something wrong” – House

My hobbies just won’t be complete if I don’t mention movies. They change us, better us, make us think above and beyond what we would ever conceive. The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, The Social Network, and just for fun the Blade Trilogy (Because it is freaking awesome). These movies shaped and changed me and I’m better for it.

I’m currently in my first year of college at Radford University studying media studies with a concentration in journalism, and within that same year I managed to become the Editor-in-Cheif of the schools newspaper, the Tartan, while also landing a job at the Career and Talent development Center helping out with different tasks and managing their social media. Why you may ask because I love talking, discussing, interacting with other people, and discovering new things.

All n’ all my dream job would be to work for IGN, GameSpot, Ect. Because writing and making various content about Videogames couldn’t be more dead-on to my hopes and dreams. After all coding and focusing on one thing is hard, believe me, I tried it!

I currently am writing for Brutalgamer.com. Freelancing for them has been a great experience and its great building my portfolio.

Check out my Monday Morning PlayStation Podcast W/ Dylan Lepore on iTunes and YouTube.

My most notable work:

Thoughts on Resident Evil 4 after playing it for the First Time 15 years later

Level: A Simple Puzzle Game (iOS) Review

Summer Vlog Challenge

Down below are links to my social media and other areas of creation. I make YouTube videos frequently and WordPress is for my professional/personal blog. I hope to see YOU along the way and remember: it’s not goodbye, its HELLO!

For Further information: about.com/dylanlepore


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